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We are now releasing our first warehouse of gems, some of which haven't see the light of day for 30 years. We have 2 more warehouses, we figure it will take us 4 years to list everything !

Our selection of antiques is based on originality, colour & patination - that tactile finish.

From a simple wash-board or a fine welsh dresser we stock items we love.

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About Melody Antiques

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My wife Margaret and I have been in antiques and vintage for over 40 years. We started on a cold market stall in Chester and ending up with a 10,000 sq ft store in the same city.

When we sold our business in 2001 we had one of the biggest export /retail antique businesses in the north of England.

We now operate from major fairs. Whether it's a simple wash-board or a fine welsh dresser we only own items we love. Most of our stock selection is based on originality,colour and patination - that tactile sense you get when you stroke a piece of well waxed furniture.

I am also a regular on TV's "Dickinson's Real Deal" and "Secret Dealers".

Melody Antiques has been a member of LAPADA for over 30 years.

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